Help me getting my TV connected to my Radeon!


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As you can see in my System Specs I have a Radeon 3870x2 with 1 DVI, 1 VGA and 1 SVHS output. I connect the the SVHS cable from the SVHS output on the GFX card to the SVHS input infront of my old CRT TV. Both CCC and W7 screen managers refuse to get the TV to work with the 2 screens at the same time. Is this a hardware restriction or can it be fixed with software?

Give me some advice and tips here fellas :)
When crossfire is enabled, you can't use more than one screen correct? Or did they supposedly fix this with Windows 7?
Both screens worked perfectly all the time in both Vista and W7 and I dont know if Crossfire is enabled or not. In W XP I never could get the other screen to work. How do I see if Crossfire is enabled?
So, are you using 2 LCD's already and want a third display? That can't work. 2 Screens at a time maximum with that one card.
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whatta effing eff.. that just sucks :( So to get the TV working at the same time as the 2 screens I have to buy another card? Care to recommend some cheapo card with SVHS output?
clone would be preferable since its damn hard to see anything what on TV since its the living room and my comp is my bedroom =)
But hm clone would be hard to make since my main screen is 1920x1200 and that would be pretty hard to get on that old CRT TV ;)

So I guess I have to get another mouse and keyboard for the living room to be able to control it better.
I think, and don't quote me on this, but in Clone mode using the SVideo connection will output at the supported res of the device it's connected to.
it might

a long time ago on a geforce4MX, i had a 1024x768 desktop / 800x600 gta3/quake3, svideo out into a hi8 camcorder (so 720x480.. or should be)

one thing i noticed is for it to get detected, it had to be plugged in & on during boot
To be more specific, it worked but it changed the main screen to the same resolution as the TV :/ But I can cope with that if it was a smooth way to switch between modes with hotkeys :)