Help! how do I clean install WindowsXP?


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I'm trying to install it, but it seems to freeze up (or take forever). I read that it is supposed to take an hour, but after 5 hours, it was still at 0%!

What I do, is I format my hard drive, insert the CD, go to the i386 folder, and type "winnt" to start the install.

How do you people install, it, what happens to you, and how long did it take?

Another question, which might be related, is that before it starts installing, it asks about me not having "SmartDrive" or something like that. What's that?, what does it do?, and how can I get it if it will help?

Thanks again, everyone!
The best thing I can suggest for a fast clean install of Windows XP, is this...

Stick the XP cd into your drive, and reboot into your system BIOS. Configure it so that the system is able to boot from your CDROM drive.

When you reboot, the CDROM will boot up and will load in all the things you need to make the install run fast. The install is pretty self explanatory from there..