Help for UT: strange things.....

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Excuse for my English. I'm Italian.;)

The Problem:

I have two pc.

1 - P3 450/Aiw 128 32/192 Megs ram/Asus p2b

2 - Celeron 600@900/Rage 128 16 mB/192 megs ram/Mobo his Via apollo 133

Pc1: Ut runs perfect in Open Gl (i know that ut is NOT in Open gl but....) Direct x 7.1, Latest driver for rage 128.

Pc2: The tragedy! Ut runs terribly in Opengl and Direct 3d: a lot of error when i finish a level, the system hangs.........

Direct x 8.0/ latest driver for Rage 128

I don't understand: why? pc1 is 450 mhz, the second is 900 mhz (perfect overclock).

I hope you help me with some tips and tricks.

Other question: what's the better settings for Open gl and direct 3d in Ati Control Panel (or Rage 128 Tweaker?)

Thanks for all...

Same problems here

Same problems here

I have EXACTLY the same problems as you. TERRIBLE performance in UT. Pisses me off !!!

Celeron 600@1008/Rage 128 32 mB/192 megs PC133 ram/Mobo is Asus CUSL-2 Intel 815E

UT is very jerky at 640x480x16bit.
(at all resolutions in fact)

It has to be the drivers, have tried absolutely everything else.

If anyone has the solution PLEASE let us know.