help finding a script...


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I need to find/make a script for anual deadlines.

What I need is something where I can display like, the next 3 deadline dates, and as they pass, it pulls up the next one down the list, over the course of the year.

so example:

Report 1 due: 2/23/07

Report 2 due: 2/30/07

Report 3 due: 3/05/07

and as those dates pass, it pulls up Report 4, and then report 5, and so fourth .

(And then repetes for the next year, so actually...relative Dates, or the year isn't nessasary)

Any and all help appreciated!
any specific language? do you want it to run from another program (ie a macro)?
it sounds like you could do something like that with even just a simple access database (i am yet to learn mysql, so i can't help you with a decent database).