Hello Moto Flip-phone

Price is just TOO much.

It is also pretty darn huge and thick compared to previous flip phones.
I hade an OG razr :lol:

1500 is cheap considering samsungs fold is 2k. I wonder how many people will go for this. I think its a nice compromise for size.

Edit: Just read the specs, they should have at least gotten an Snapdragon 855 in the thing for that price. I still see the appeal though. I am afraid Moto have waited too long to bring this out cause a whole generation of kids have no clue what the OG Razr is. This wont sell that many.
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Not sure how many countries do this today, but in the US people can lease phones like they do cars so they don't have to pay the full amount.
Always, but usually bought on 2yr contracts to draw out the cost. Few people buy them outright, which is it's own problem for pricing.

I did on my 11 256gb with applecare it almost as bad as the 2080 ti :bleh:
I miss the free phone with a 2 year contract :cry:

but can't stand jacking the monthly bill

and didn't want to be locked to anyone with 5g coming next year
At 1500 bucks they can eat my dick, just like Megaman’s mum last night. Minus the 1500 bucks.
Yeah the price is kinda ridiculous but I get it considering the folding screen. Much better design having the screen curve instead of fold as it does on the Samsung variant. I think we'll see that in future designs to correct that crease issue.