Hidden in plain sight
Alright my Sennheiser's PC350's have started to act up (audio is starting to only come out of one side). I've used these forever and had them with a Xonar Xense soundcard back when i put together a Phenom II system. They're wired using the stereo jack with the onboard sound. (This specific set came with the soundcard and was specifically made for the Xense, so they actually use 6.5mm connectors which i had to use an adapter to get them to work on the standard 3.5mm jacks)

anyway, i dont need the best sound quality, just enough bass and clear sound for gaming purposes mostly. Anyone have any brand recommendations? I dont think i need to spend the amount of money that a Sennheiser set costs. I dont really need a mic either as i dont really (probably wouldnt hurt to have one) and for my mostly gaming purpse, a real headset is ideal.

With that said
Is it better to go wireless via USB or bluetooth? The PC sits next to me so distance isnt an issue. Im currently using some standard phone-use in-ear earphones and the cable isnt long enough to reach the back of the PC so im using the front jack...but it gives off some annoying static when theres no audio being played (thankfully it does get drowned out enough from actual audio) Any advantage with wireless vs wired?
I'm partial to Audio-Technica for clarity, but if you want heavy bass look elsewhere. I find them best for gaming clarity. Personally prefer closed back and wired.
Been using Razer Blackshark V2 X for nearly two years. Quite solid and pretty cheap compared to most others.
Budget? Because the first things to leap to mind are the PC37x and PC38x from Drop.
Didnt really have a budget in mind at first and thought i could get away with an Asus H3...which had what appeared to be mixed reviews at best (it was on sale for like 15 bux so i thought why not)
Then i checked out some higher priced products in the $50 range and ended up going with a wired HyperX Cloud Stinger. It had like 10x more reviews and was far more favorable.
So far so good, theres a nice amount of bass with these and its clear.

I didnt really want to go with Razor (i have a Razor mouse which is fine....stopped using the Synapse stuff cuz its old and it wasnt officially supported by Win10...so its just a USB mouse right now and works fine...aside from not loading up properly sometimes which a detach/reattach of the USB cable fixes it) I'd prefer not having any external gaming software to startup with my PC. I hardly use it if at all and it feels like it just adds bloat.
I actualy would have considered Sennheiser again but i didn't want to spend over $50 for a new headset. Just another "quirk" about being a Casual gamer now :p
50 bucks, comfy and lots of bass won't work out. Just sayin' I'd also would prefer wired over wireless for sound quality, but that might be just me
I've been using ASUS ROG Strix Wireless Gaming Headphones for a few years. I don't recommend them because of the creakiness. Whenever you move your head it has a strange plastic on plastic creak. I don't notice it so much anymore and the sound in games is top notch and highly configurable with the include "Sonic Studio" app.
As for wireless, I'm never going back to wired. These things can easily go 30ft through a few walls, a stove, cupboards and then outside. BUT you must have the transceiver out front/on top of your case. When plugged into the back the range is halved, for obvious reasons. A bonus is no more stepping on the wire or getting up and coming to the end of your cord before you take them off and no more wishy washy wire connections.

just sayin'
well, i have a wireless headset for listening to music and a wired one (Teufel Cage) for gaming. And yes, tripping over a cable is an issue, i know