HDTV tuner card


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So when is ATI gonna release their HDTV card. This one will be out mid-december. Buy this or wait for ATI's HDTV. I would like ATI future products to use the video/HD hardware capabilites of the radeon. Has anyone heard any news about anything similar(add in card) for the radeon?
The Radeon VIVO has a built in HDTV decoder. I would assume that all future Radeon products would therefore support this feature.
While the Radeon chip is capable of handling HDTV resolutions, you still
need a Digital TV Tuner/convertor to be able to input HDTV to the system
thru the Radeon card natively. The All-in-Wonder Radeon was initially
supposed to have a DTV tuner, but ATI could not work out all the design
issues in time for a release this year. Hopefully they are working to
integrate it with the design for the Radeon II AIW, to be released sometime
next year.

There were rumors of ATI making a separate HDTV card, like the TV Wonder,
but no concrete comments so far.
But seriously though, who actually uses HDTV level resolution right now?

It will happen within the next year, as the market demand rises.
Two days ago I saw a HDTV logo at the start of a broadcast, implying that it could be seen in that format if you have the right hardware.

It's the same thing as when color programs started to appear, and later stereo broadcasts...