HDTV hardware decoding on X850XT


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Is there any possibility to make an X850XT decode HDTV (x.264)?
Any driver, fix, BIOS-mod, hardware-mod, whatever?
I suppose there could be some way to use the power of the card to help of the CPU...
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I know... everything from 1x00 can, even the X1300...
But shouldn't the older ones like mine also be able to do decoding through some mod?
AFAIK the avivo stuff started with the 1xxx series... the 1 or 2 lower grade cards have an additional chip, while it's built-into the drivers on the top end where you've got a bit more GPU to spare. A lot of HTPC folks stick to the middle model (26xx - 36xx) because of that. OTOH if you're running AGP (don't know), I've read reports that hardware accel is hit & miss, regardless the card.