HDMI Sync problem under load


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Not sure where exactly to put this because of the nature of the issue...

So, my wife recently upgraded from my several-years-old build I made for her to a newish HP minitower w/ AMD CPU which includes the onboard video I believe. So, plugged into her old 1920x1200 monitor, everything is honkey dory.

I recently upgraded my monitor and tried to get her an upgraded monitor as a hand-me-down. A monitor I've never had a moment's issue with (using a real graphics card and a DisplayPort cable.) Technically can do 144 Hz I think, but it appears her system will only do 60, so that's what we're using.

The system will occasionally get into a state where it stops displaying video for a couple of seconds as the monitor loses sync to the signal, then it comes back. Sometimes this happens repeatedly making it utterly unusable.. can't even try to fix it as the display won't stay on long enough to do anything. Using an app, or chrome on a busy website seems to trigger it.

Things I've tried:
1) Updated the driver... no change
2) Verified no freesync enabled in the AMD software, etc.
3) Upgraded the HDMI cable to a 2.1 Ultraspeed 8k cable... no effect

I'm thinking that the CPU may be overheating, going into a low-power state where the GPU can't maintain the signal, and that's the result.

Switching back to the old monitor (lower resolution) immediately resolves the problem. Other ideas? WOuld like for her to benefit here, but not really seeing an assured way forward other than rebuilding everything with parts I know.

Had read something about CRU, but it wasn't immediately obvious what I would need to do.