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Have a 4K TV and a 4K Blu-ray Player (I thought), as well as a 4K receiver, so sat down last night to play the new Batman v Superman 4K disc.

Didn't work as my BR player just upgrades the signal to near 4K, and won't play native 4K.

Before I go out and purchase a native 4K player, want to confirm my receiver will handle this. Its a Denon AVR X4100W, with 4K pass-through. My concern is that it is HDCP 2.0, not 2.2. I'd rather run one HDMI between the BR player to the receiver then on to the tv, not split one to the tv for video and one to the receiver for audio.

Is having the hdcp 2.0 critical to having this work when it should be simple pass through?