HD3D with RX 6600 XT and SONY Bravia KDL-40nx710


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hi all, i need help
I have RX 6600 XT and a 3D TV from Sony KDL-40nx710

previously i use GTX 650 TI Boost to play 3D content on my TV. but I have to install 3DTV Play first on my Computer.
I use PowerDVD Cyberlink 12 to play 3d movie files.

how can I play 3D movies with AMD RX 6600 XT ? do i have to install some software like nvidia (3DTV Play) ?
what player should I use ?
are AMD products (GCN, RDNA xx) still support HD3D ?

thanks for your help
Per the reddit posts, you likely don't have to install anything special and PowerDVD will likely work just like it used to.

nVidia's 3DTV software was more for use with games than media playback.
Thank you for all your responses.

I managed to display 3D movies on my TV, but i have to do it manually, I have to switch on 3D Option on my TV menu. I select side by side content.
and now I can play 3D movies with any video player and Bluesky Frame Rate Converter,
but i still cannot play game in 3D, like Rise of Tomb Raider.

so i guess it solved my problem

Previously when i using 650 Ti Boost, i did not have to do that, when i play games or watch 3D movies , it automatically send 3D signal to my TV (my TV detect 3D signal and show notification).
I have no idea what currently can work for older 3D gaming but the program Tridef is what was used with AMD cards back in the day.