HD2400 pro,Tv and monitor at same time?


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Hi, i'm having a prob with using a standard monitor with a dvi to vga connector and seperately using a tv plugged into the s-vid, i can't make them work at the same time, i can have either one or the other and have to configure them every time i turn the system on if i want to swap, totally useless really, the monitor is just a bog standard/old type monitor not lcd and the tv is also standard widescreen but not hdtv or lcd. the tv can take scart or video or both so any av type thing can be plugged in no problem, i have tried to use multiple monitor settings etc but no joy, in the advanced setup i cant even get the tv to work at all, in the basic wizard one i can use one or the other, what am i doing wrong or am i wasting my time?
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so you cant use just the dvi connection (without the -vga adapter)?

do they both display an image on boot with both cables plugged in before booting? i remember a couple years ago when nothing displays over svideo, & i couldnt detect anything in windows, until i restarted with both vga & svideo plugged in, then both displayed a cloned image