Has anyone here ever used dev-c++?


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The reason that I ask is because I have taken over a project with limited c++ experience, just plain old c here. Anyway, every time I compile the project with the original source code I get the same 31 errors no matter how I set up the include directory, and I believe that is the reason for the errors. Can anyone help me?
Yeah, you need to be much more specific. There could be errors in the source code, or it may require some special options.
Yea I use DevC++ Sometimes, I have to say I like it alot and am anxiously awaiting v5.0 (should be out in Feb or March)As far as the problems you are incountering you need to be more specific for anyone o be able to help If you want you can e-mail me the code and I could take a look at it, A large proble is that it usees a more standard Compiler and doesn't have all the excess libraries that Microsofts or Borlands, You have the option of either the Ming32 compiler or the Cygwin compiler you might want to try switching the compiler and see if that helps, Some times it does..... If you want to email it to me my e-mail is [email protected]