Has anyone had problems with DX8.1 SDK and Win2k?

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I'm posting this thread for sc5mu93. He loaded the DX8.1 SDK and it corrupted his Win2k kernel. He re-installed Win2k and risked installing DX8.1 SDK again (hoping it was just a fluke the first time), and again the Win2k kernel was corrupted and would not boot ( not in safe mode or in regular mode ).

Has anyone else had this problem?
ok, this is frustrating. maybe someone can help me.
i recently installed (clean) win2k pro.
with a reboot inbetween every step-
first i installed my ethernet driver (linksys ) from floppy
i installed SP2, and the critical updates (from windows update).
then: dx8.1
radeon 3276 drivers
ac97 drivers (off epox mb disk)
tv wonder drivers (plus MMC 7.1)
ati dvd player
vc++ 6.0
vc++ sp5english
then dx8.1sdk

after the install of dx81sdk - i get a blue screen upon win2k load up with an un handled exception of ntoskernel.
i cant repair it - i cant safe mode. i just have to reinstall win2k pro.

does anyone have any ideas? could there be a setting in my bios that could be causing this problem? or hardware incompatiblity?

epox 8kha+
athlon 1.2 (@1.2) +hedghog/delta HSF
768 crucial pc2100 ddr
ibm 20gig.
toshiba dvd/cdrw combo
radeon 64ddr vivo
(using on board audio)
linksys 100mbit ethernet
ati tv wonder
chucks240 said:
I am running Win2K Pro with 8.1 SDK. I have had no problems from the installation of the SDK.

did you use the retail or debug installation?

edit: ok - i think i might have found what it is. possibly in my bios a while back i was messing with memory timings. i think i possibly went too high/aggressive. would this type of manipulation have this type of result? and if so - why might it not show up until then?
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Not sure this should be in the 3D Coders threads but no mod has moved it yet.

Anyway, couple of things to try are installing the DX 8.1 SDK right at the start before any drivers. I would have to guess you wait until VC++ is installed before the SDK so you get the automatic directory setup? I'm sure you can figure out what directories to add so it shouldn't be a big deal.

Another thought is to use the WindowsUpdate site to get all the latest patches that might show up for your OS installation. Perhaps there is something strange with your setup that's fixed by a patch.

And finally, overclocking or running your hardware beyond spec is always a risk you take. As you can imagine the only way to find out is to back off down to lower settings or defaults for the hardware. If that works then you've found the reason for your problems and you'll probably be less excited about going faster for free in the future.

thanks for the advice Jeff.

okay. i backed all my machine (BIOS) defaults back to the default Epox fail safe options. my machine, which used to be overclocked, is not anymore.

this was all to no avail given the loading order listed above. every package (SP2 dx81 etc - outside of drivers) came from windows update. got the same result and had to reload.

so now i am thinking it might be a hardware conflict of some type or bad ram (even though it is brand new crucial and i havent had any problems outside of this) but it happens.

first i am gonna try your suggestion, jeff, with installing VC++ first and then sdk before anything else. if that dont work, then i will start pulling hardware to see if some specific piece of hardware is causing the problem.

thanks guys. i really appreciated it. i will post the solution (or the root of the problem when i find it). its really frustrating because a coworker and i have some really cool ideas for a game that we want to work on and i cant get the stupid thing to install properly.
well incase anyone was wondering - debug was what was screwing everything up. i installed the retail release - and it went fine. i would prefer debug but i dont feel like screwing with it anymore. i just want to finish my project.