GuidePlus+(TM) Wrong Channel lineup.


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It seems like a month ago or so I did a (Download Weekly File Update). Now I can't get the cable line up, only antenna. I uninstalled, reinstalled changed this change that. Is anyone else having this problem?
Anyone know how to reach GuidePlus, so I can do some *****ing!!
yup same problem

yup same problem

Last week I couldn't get the channel line up until wednesday. Last night I tried to do and updated and it's broken again. Seems like GuidePlus can't keep there act together. It's nothing wrong with your PC. It's guideplus.
I've been perfectly happy with an AIW and even GuidePlus+ for many years. This past weekend GP+ had a little trouble downloading for several hours but the next day it was working fine again. This was the first time I've had problems with it. It may have been a Daylight Savings Time thing or a Pope thing. Either way it's rare and minor.
Maybe it is just a problem here in Northern Michigan. Or missed communication between Charter cable and GuidePlus+. Or maybe their starting to outsource.
I got lucky, our cable provider is located in a city 65miles north and they serve about 15 towns. So I entered the providers zipcode and damn if it didn't give me the full cable line up. Maybe someone got smart and stopped entering redundant info for each town. I'm sure it saved someone some money. Just thought I'd share this.

Hello, I hope you can help me. How do you change the zip code or cable provider in guide+. I just moved and it only recognizes the old cable listing(Cablevision) which is different from my new provider (Comcast).

Thanks zorba75
File->Download Weekly File->Change Settings…(enter new country/zip/signal type)…Save Settings->Let me choose channel Line-up again->Download.

That should do it.