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in searching for a movie I downloaded a downloader for it. it may have also installed this baidu crap thing. the result was that I had NO desktop or taskbar. just a black screen. all I could get was safe mode/networking. I WAS able to get help from M$ support, which wasn't cheap btw, but remnants of it remain in msconfig and processes. SOMEhow, it affected windowblinds and in running that the reenable the skin I had, the same thing happened again, resulting in M$ support....again, at which time the tech uninstalled windowblinds. good thing it's got a 30 warranty. anyway, how can I get rid of this damn thing without having to contact M$ thru an alt profile. never in the 14yrs of having a rig has this happened. anyone got any ideas? thx. oh, it may also have installed something called coupon version 1.0. that and baidu I did NOT knowingly install
thx, I've heard of that one. thing is, will it nuke something that's already been uninstalled? while I was on with the M$ tech, who had remote control of my rig, he got rid of every instance of baidu and yet it's STILL listed in msconfig in Chinese text. setting it to not run doesn't seem to work as it re-enables itself
well, ran the scan and baidu is still there. afraid if I disable it again, in msconfig, I'll lose everything....again. can't delete the folder either cuz it's already in use, and the uninstaller is all Chinese text:mad:
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Can you give me the link to the downloader? Uninstaller for Chinese apps switch next with cancel. Post a pick of the uninstaller if you can. I can get my frd to read the text.
Try this:
Go make a system restore point before doing this so you can undo it if it goes wrong.
It'll do a malware scan before installing. If it doesn't find the process.
Use the process Activity tool to the monitor process that don't belong, it'll list registry keys and file of the process. Wait a sec for the log to fill up and snip the list. Look it up after you add the process to the application rules and block all activities. Try to delete the folder after that.
Make a new account before restarting. Post back the results.
already have an alt profile on account of this. before contacting M$ tech I reied a restore point but it didn't take. anyway, image below. dunno if that uninstaller will work cuz I had used revo uninstaller to nuke it, but yet it remains:mad:

Still wait for my frd to get back to me. It look a Anti-virus software. My frd has that **** too. He actually use it though.:lol: I got him to uninstall it. I think the default install works.

Method 1: reinstall it and use the uninstaller
Sounds like a bad idea but...
Hello, I'm backSmile Yes, Baidu SD, is an Anti-virus product that is only distributed in China mainland. So it can only display Chinese. It is not developed by the Baidu International R&D team. But I did contacted a man in the Baidu SD team. He says you can uninstall this product by running the uninst.exe from the program files...Baidu...Baidu SD.. folder AS ADMINISTRATOR. If this does not work, it may be that some files are damaged when you deleted the folder manually, then you have to first re-install the product, and run the uninst.exe again. ---> The installer.

Method 2: Manually uninstall it
From what I gather in that link you have delete somethings in safe mode.
There are 3 services
"BaiduHips" and "BDKVRTP Service" and "BDSGRTP Service" to the service of the boot system configuration msconfig.exe, both Baidu from ... (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

2 Start up file locations

File 1

c: \ Program Files (x86) \ BaiduSd3.0 \ BaiduSd \ \ baidusdTray.exe
File 2
c: \ Program Files (x86) \ BaiduSd3.0 \ BaiduSd \ \ BaiduSdTray.exe
The name looks the same but it not "file 2" is upper case.

C:\ Program Files (x86) \ BaiduAn3.0
C:\ Program Files (x86) \ BaiduSd3.0
Delete those in safe mode.

Note this file might be deletable because it in use
C:\Program Files (x 86) \BaiduSd3.0\BaiduSd\\BDShellExt64.dll
I think it said to change the Security permission so you can rename it or something and then reboot in safe mode again to delete it.

Use CCleaner to disable or remove start-up entries. I think you want to remove it.

(百度在线网络技术(北京)有限公司) C:\Program Files\Common Files\Baidu\BaiduHips\\BaiduHips.exe
(百度在线网络技术(北京)有限公司) C:\Program Files\baidu\BaiduSd\\BaiduSdSvc.exe
(百度在线网络技术(北京)有限公司) C:\Program Files\baidu\BaiduAn\\BaiduAnSvc.exe
(百度在线网络技术(北京)有限公司) C:\Program Files\baidu\BaiduSd\\BaiduSdTray.exe
(百度在线网络技术(北京)有限公司) C:\Program Files\baidu\BaiduAn\\BaiduAnTray.exe
(Baidu) C:\Program Files\Common Files\Baidu\BDDownload\109\bddownloader.exe
Delete those if you have it. Version might be different so just delete anything Baidu related.
I'm gonna have to do this on my next night off. he didn't say which "button" to click? it'll likely have to be done manually. tried deleting the folder but it keeps coming up as being in use by another prog. I'll try deleting in safe mode first, just in case. thx for the help
I'm gonna have to do this on my next night off. he didn't say which "button" to click? it'll likely have to be done manually. tried deleting the folder but it keeps coming up as being in use by another prog. I'll try deleting in safe mode first, just in case. thx for the help

You have do it in safe mode because safe mode disable all services and loads Microsoft drivers only.

My frd didn't get back to me yet.
I found a video(Russian) on youtube that shows you how to use the uninstaller. In end the uninstaller still left those services intact. The UI in the video looked different. I doubt they improved the uninstaller.

Have a look at this:
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