Google Pixel 4

Thought this was a KAC thread for half a second there. Hope they make an 8" screen one.
A couple of weeks ago my 3-year old kicked my Pixel 2 out of my hands and shattered the screen. So, yeah, I'm grabbing a Pixel 4 as soon as I can lol.
A lot of people who went to the event we disappointed with what Google had to offer on the Pixel 4.
Coming from a 2 I am pretty excited. 90hz display and new camera is enough for me.

Sure lots of critics about lack of wide angle, gestures, etc but none of the complaints were issues from my perspective.

Either way I will have a review next week

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Coming from a Pixel 2 any flagship phone is going to be a massive upgrade. Let us know how it goes.

The whole radar thing looked super gimmicky to me. The only time I would use that is to turn of an alarm. But thats a damn good use of it though. :lol: