Google Fi users thread


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I recently handed down my Essential PH1 to my son, and got a pixel 2 XL 128GB. Went to Google Fi from Sprint, and have been very satisfied. I'm always around a wifi source, and the whole time with Sprint , my phone was always under 1 GB of data. My bill dropped on Sprint to 120+fees for our 4 lines on Sprint , and $20 + maybe $10 for mine. Before it was $217 month. I don't know why the new fee's are lower, but I bitched to Sprint about not being able to have 5 lines for $100 like new subscribers, next thing I know my bill is lower. :)
I tried Fi because of the $200 credit for each line ported over.

Personally for me it does not work. I use to much data, and thier data makes sprint seems like next gen tech. Signal is terrible, and speeds are atrocious. Once I'm done with credits I'll be going back top Sprint.
It may come to that for me, but right now I use so little data,(my kids and wife use too much, so they will stay on Sprint) that it makes sense for me to save a little coin. So far the phone performance is the same, if it gets bad, back to sprint or find another carrier deal.
I have a Pixel 2 on Fi. Usually use under a half gig so bill is around $30. Connectivity is much better with the Project Fi VPN. Used to have problems whenever it switched to Sprint... LTE data connection would stall for 10-20 minutes due to DNS issues on the Sprint network.
I have the pixel 3 with Fi. I hardly use data through the month so my bill is usually les than $30. I used it when we went back to South Africa last year and worked perfectly well and didn’t cost a lot
Still have my Nexus 6P on Fi, wifi exists in most places I find myself in. My phone mostly exists for texting, navigation, and work stuff. On average, data use is around 0.5GB, so my bill is usually around $35. Also have the insurance for $5/mo.

When there is no wifi around, my signal is usually pretty good and never had issues with speed where I live/visit.
Heads up: Google is having a Project Fi anniversary sale. Pixel 3 is 50% off today only. Moto G7 is also marked down.