Google Chrome, no audio output.


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So, I haven't been able to solve this, and its been quite irritating.

Fired up my main machine one evening, tossed over to my second monitor and there was no audio output. Windows audio mixer thing, the Chrome application is not muted. Youtube, Twitch, anything, no audio output. Windows mixer doesn't show anything happening.

Tabs aren't muted, its not routed to the wrong device. (I use Eartrumpet to route audio of each application to the device I want).

I uninstalled Eartrumpet (Chrome doesn't even show up there anymore). No change. Uninstalled, reinstalled chrome. Incognito, no extentions, etc. No change.

Thus far the only option I have is using Canary or Edge. Its not misbehaving on any other devices, just my main machine. I simply cannot get Chrome to register any sound.

Any search results point to audio driver/windows mixer muting, or disabling PepFlash in Chrome, which from what I understand Chrome handle the same way anymore.

Any ideas from anyone would be appreciated.
So, I can reset Chrome to factory clean.

Goto a youtube channel, pandora, etc.

It plays sound.

As soon as I click another link, etc. Sound quits. Then no more sound, till resetting Chrome or restarting the computer.