Good web hosting service?


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Looking to get my very small app business going and need to set up a website. What are some recommendations for a good web hosting service? I looked at all the free ones and they appear to be crap, but there's about a billion paid services all claiming to be the best.

From my limited research, Hostinger appears to be the most appraised. However, this could just be the result of paid reviews and other shenanigans to drive business there.

Any recommendations?
I've used powweb and bluehost for shared hosting, and regret switching to bluehost. Powweb was *much* better IMHO.
How small? something like a landing page to promote an app that will be hosted elsewhere like an appstore? Or will you be doing forums/payments/etc that require server side scripting?

If it's a basic page to start, you can actually host it on an Amazon S3 bucket. I host my HOAs website on an S3 bucket, and its practically free. Limited to static webpages but you can still use javascript which can still do quite a bit.
Basically just as you described it, a home page to promote apps I will be selling on the android store (and later ios).

I have 4 apps that will be ready for launch on the android store in a few weeks (growing at a rate of 1 or 2 apps per month). The website will be used to give an overview of each app, with links to the appstore, a youtube channel that showcases the apps, anything descriptive and promotional. I will not be using forums (though, I think some kind of feedback system would be useful later on) or payments or anything that requires an encrypted/https connection.

I'm not a web designer so it would need to include tools and templates for an easy website build. I want to spend more time building apps, not building a website. It should also have good uptime. Future apps will incorporate databases so it should include some kind of database hosting, though I will not be using it to store personal information, just a catalogue of data my app might need.

I'll look into Amazon S3 bucket. Seems to be a bit more involved for setup.

I also looked at powweb, man it seems to have some seriously mixed reviews :lol:
Yea for Amazon S3 bucket hosting, you just either need to be able to write the html yourself, or use a template/web designer that can dump everything into a folder. Basically if you can open the webpage locally, you can slap it up on an S3 bucket. The technical bits are simply pointing the url to the bucket, and setting the static website function on the S3 bucket so url masking works if you have multiple pages or host some downloads.

Though for your future apps you may want to look into managed databases as a service like digitalocean or amazon rds instead of sticking it on a webhost.
I've only used a handful: Digitalocean, liquidweb, S3, they are all good.

Really, it boils down to what you really need. Shared hosting is probably your best bet if all you want is some static landing pages. If you're hosting any cloud type service, you'll probably want a VPS setup.

Keep an eye out for "CPanel" based hosting, they've recently changed their subscription model making it much more expensive for hosting providers. You'll probably find better value by not using hosting services that have CPanel.