*BUMP* It is now!

I've just noticed a Remote Wonder driver for it on their plugins page. I don't have a Remote Wonder (yet) so I can't verify how well it works. Is anyone going to give it a try?

I can verify that Girder is an absolutely fantastic program, once you get to grips with configuring it. I use it with the remote on my WinTV2000 and there's loads of things I can get it to do.
ok, i bought the RW... Installed 1.2 drivers and girder 3.2.4 with ati plugin.

It's GREAT! I configured girder to work with winamp,zoomplayer and acrobat reader, setting every key... i can launch zp with A, winamp with B [they also set focus on that application if it's already open]. Depending which application is active, keys are configured for that. I also set the number keys of the remote to open different playlisyts on winamp, when it's open.
With zoomplayer is awesome! It's possible to control every thing from my bed while i'm watching a divx on my tv :D from aspect ratio to slow/fast motion, options, file navigator, ecc...

My best buy of this month :D [previous month was the radeon 8500 le :)]
sorry folks... i seem to live on the other side of the moon: but WTH is GIRDER?

I have a R8500, invested a lot of cash for a video-connection to my TV 2 rooms further, ordered a RW already and have NO clue what "girder" is.. :)

please enlighten me ...
(with download adress??)

It's actually another prog you install so you can map whatever keys
you want to any input device you want.There is a plugin for the remote
wonder software for girder and a girder plugin for the remote wonder
software.It's enough to make one dizzy.The end result is you have more
flexiblility with your remote wonder.I finally got it all installed last night before I went to bed.Girder had errors bringing up the
rem won plugin though until I downloaded this msvcr70d.dll and put
it in system.I just have yet to configure the keys later tonight.You
can find all the help you need at the girdersite..