girder export group for TV 7.7


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Hey, anyone whos using girder ( and ksnoopy's remote wonder plugin ( I've spent some time getting girder to take control of the TV functions.

Here is what is included in the export group:
-Channel Up/Down via the CH +/- buttons
-Direct Channel input via 0-9 buttons
-Last Channel via d button
-Start/Stop Capture via the Record button
-Minimize/Restore button via the Stopwatch button

Personally, my favourite thing about this is that the commands work even when tv isn't in focus, I.E if the TV is blended or not your current window you can still dial in a channel number instead of channel flipping.

I'm in the process of trying to add window grow/shrink commands but those god damn exams are getting in the way :)

Please feel free to post comments/critism and I'll try to fix anything that I can. Of course you're welcome to alter the commands to perform how you would like them to.

Heres the download:

Note you'll need to import this into girder 3.2.4+ and activate the girder plugin beforehand.


I've just read your other recent post in this forum (in the Suggestions.... thread) and was in the process of searching for the program girder so the link in this post is very welcome, thanks for providing that and your file. It's smoke and mirrors to me but I can follow your instructions to get it working..... Q: will it work with MMC 7.6 as well as any (likely) future versions? I notice you have a version 7.7 file on your (part of the university) site as well as an unnumbered one?

Coincidently, I've just watched on DVD the movie 'Antitrust' and I'm wondering if this setup is designed to get the remote functionality as more of an open source thing and less propriatry ATI only thing given that using girder as the "middleman" provides minimal extra functionality *currently* over the standard MMC/Remote Wonder setup (and some functionality is ommited)?

It's obvious that ATI are keen to have the public develop many plugins using their remote wonder software (so that they don't have to - eg Teletext/Guide Plus) but if the public make all the plugins for girder instead and use girder as a "translater", I wonder what ATI will think? :evil:

Personally, if the additional functionality for what I want is provided via girder (as mentioned previously channel selecting out of focus and input selection are two of them) then I'll use that solution. I would prefer all of ATI's own software (including Teletext) to be run without plugins linking the bits together though - it's definitely possible - although perhaps not the simplest way for ATI, perhaps I'm being idealistic. :eek:
Only the files are exactly the same, only reason they're numbered is I sent the file to the people at girder and they want it named to indicate a version number.

Personally, I like the idea of being able to designate actions for the remote from one place, the whole idea of plugins for each program is a bit mesed up, especially since girder can do everything any plugin would provide and then some. (Although making girder do them could take some time/research).

Anyways, hope you're having some fun with it! I know I am!

EDIT: Sorry, didn't notice your question about previous versions, theres existing girder exports for older TV versions (7.0 and 7.1 from what I remember) I'm not sure when ATI changed their window titling schema, but the schema is different between 7.1 and 7.7 so I had to basically start from scratch, but if you mess around with the target attribute of each command I'm sure you can make it work with any version of the TV, DVD and FilePlayer MMC programs.
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