Getting RW to work on the XP login screen - Anyone know how?!


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I've been struggling with this for weeks now. Nothing I do seems to work.

My PC is hooked up to the TV and I really want to use RW as my only input device.

All works fine once I am in a user account, but at the moment everytime I want to logon I need to go down to the cellar (where the PC lives) to use the keyboard! Or have a second wireless mouse in the living room. Not ideal.

I know I can set XP to go straight into an account on boot, but I also need to access the PC over my network and whenever I do that it disconnects the local session (of course).

Ideas much appreciated!
As the controlling application for the remote (the translatot that converts the USB signals into host events) is a user mode application (not an XP service) I don't think you can solve this.

I will pass the idea of trying to add support for this to our Marketing guts to see what they think.

Thanks Stephen,

very valuable IMHO for people trying to build a "media PC" without buying a new high priced "Windows Media Center".

For a bit of competitive pressure I am sure the remote with WMC DOES work at logon!
Same "problem" here, although my brother is not up for arguing much about it. He LOVES his Remote Wonder waaay more than the Hollywood Plus remote with IRAssistant combo he used to use (Remote Wonder's built in mouse cloning capability, combined with the ease of D-pad usage make it his favorite remote in the house) LOL
Hi All

One way is... if you are really only using the PC for HTPC purposes, or only will have one account ever configured... download MS's TweakUI for Windows XP and configure for auto-logon. Not secure, but if you don't got private stuff on their, will solve your problem in the interim.

Yep, thanks, but already did that directly in the registry. But I also need to logon using remote desktop for admin purposes. When I exit RDP the local session is left suspended. Re-entering requires a trip to the cellar to play with the keyboard!