Getting Letter buttons to pull up URLs?


New member
Is this even possible? I looked at the settings for the buttons and it didn't seem that any of the selections would let you do that. Any ideas?

But seriously, what use would it be to be able to program, say 6 URLs into the A-F keys? Surely there is a more useful way to set up keys for a browser?

Something like activate the bookmark menu (which would be a key sequence) then you could use Cursor Up/Down/Left/Right to navigate the bookmark menu.

The problem is
1) Which broswer to make this work on? (Netscape, IE, Mozilla, others)
2) How to detect that the browser is active (as opposed to some other windows application).

The Remote Wonder can detect that the Multimedia Center has ffocus or not, this routes events to MMC or to "Windows". There is no real concept of "to the Web browser" in the software.

Stephen Orr