Geting TV in with VI


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If I got a Cable Settop box(one of the cable companys decoder boxes) could I take the O/P of that and input it into my Video In port on my Radeon and watch TV that way useing the remote for the Cable box to change channels?

Anyone tryed this? I remember reading about a Geforce user doing something like this but with a VCR on another board but not sure about that.
To watch TV on my computer I run a composite cable from my satellite receiver right to my radeon VIVO. You can also use a VCR. You also need to install webTV from your windows cd. You need the codecs from webTV or it wont work.
"You need the codecs from webTV or it wont work."
Thats strange... I have read that several times on this and other boards. I don't have WebTV Installed and my V-In works just fine.
I do exactly that. I have a digital cable box, and it has a video out port as well as the cable out port... I plug the cable out into my TV for regular viewing, and the video out into the Radeon Video in... If I turn the TV off but have the cable box on, I can watch TV on my monitor and change channels with the cable box remote.