Gateway Solo Pro 9300 TV output


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I'm trying to get the TV output working on my old Solo Pro 9300 laptop with Rage Mobility card. I received this laptop from work years ago with Win2k on it, but recently blew out the drive and installed XP. I saw that XP automatically installed the video adaptor as "Rage Mobility-M1 AGP", and it has been working fine.

I began by downloading and installing the 2k_5011 drivers mentioned in this thread and elsewhere:

I followed the directions listed on the site, and chose "Mobility-M1" when prompted with three choices (-M1, -P, or XPert98), since that's how XP had chosen to install this card. I rebooted and tried the Fn-F3 command to toggle monitors, but could not get any TV output. I checked in the display control panel and under the Displays tab I found two monitor options. The one titled "Monitor" was gray / disconnected, and the one titled "Panel" was highlighted and listed as primary.

Next, I downloaded and installed the XP_5772 drivers. Win XP did not seem to like these, saying that I was running an incompatible driver, and that XP started up with the default driver, or something to that effect. I cannot remember the exact text of the error, but went back to the 5011 drivers. This time, I chose Mobility-P, seeing as the -M1 didn't seem to get the TV out working.

With the driver installed for Mobility-P, it seems to work as well as the -M1 installation, but still no TV out. I have seen mention of an ATI Multimedia MMC7.2 in several posts, and had thought this was only required for using TV-in / capture. Do I need this to get my TV-out working? I thought TV out should work just like plugging in an external VGA monitor, and hitting Fn-F3 to toggle the card to use it.

To answer the obvious questions, yes I am sure my laptop has a video out connector. It actually has both composite video in and out jacks, and I have tried both to make sure I was not just using the wrong jack. I have also tried using the jacks on the docking station and right on the back of the laptop, but neither seems to work. I have verified that my cable and the composite video in on my TV set is working fine by connecting a DVD player to the same cable I'm trying to use with the laptop.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
Try using one of the newer display/miniport combinations.
MMC 7.2 is not required for tv out.