Gamers are spending $300 more on Nvidia’s GPUs, even without the scalpers


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Earlier this week Nvidia kicked off its GTC developer’s conference with a public presentation. On the same day the company held an investor call, explaining to people with enough money to make Solomon blush why Nvidia should get some more of it. The call is mostly dry financial statistics, but one slide is causing the gaming world to take a closer look. In the gaming section of the call, Nvidia said that gamers who upgraded from a previous-gen desktop graphics card to a GeForce RTX 3000-series graphics card are spending a lot more than in previous years.

“Based on our data, [gamers who upgrade] are spending $300 more than they paid for the graphics card they replaced,” said Nvidia Senior Vice President of PC Jeff Fisher. The statistic on the presentation slide was similar: “GeForce DTR Gamers Who Upgrade to NVIDIA Ampere Architecture SPEND $300 MORE Than on Prior Graphics Card.” told us that,due to shortages and scalpers.

Yup, the cards that were supposed to be the dream "cheaper but faster than any before them" ended up remaining a dream and being the most expensive cards in history. I have no doubt when the 4k series pops out the prices will shoot through the roof again.
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Gamers paid more than $1000 bucks for 3080s so not sure where their data is coming from.
The good thing is that I am seeing 3080 and 3080 Ti on Newegg at near MSRP.