Future of sound cards


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What do you think will be the next step for sound cards? The 3D sound has room to improve, of course.
I'm sad that Aureal went bankrupt, especially as I have one of their cards and I can't get new drivers (there are some bugs in there).
Wasn't creative interested in buying Aureal? That would probably be a good addition to their technology.

But what comes after 3D? Hardware voice synthesis? Hardware voice recognition? How many years till that? 5? less? Will games be using voice recognition/synthesis in software first?
Or maybe the technology is too complicated to do in hardware so soon? I mean - it's probably very different for each language and hardware could do it in English only (or a programmable hardware solution which could be programmed to take any language as input).

Creative did buy Aureal. They then shut them down.

I believe hardware voice synthesis is already pretty common, but not very realistic. Voice recognition is already available but is very CPU intensive.

Microsoft has GameVoice. That's pretty interesting.

Have you heard about the Soundblaster Audigy coming out this summer?