Full version of Visual Studio is now free


When trying to get the current Visual Studio Express download (which has been free for years), I found that MS last month released the full version for free, and it's named Visual Studio Community 2013. You can use any extensions that previously wouldn't work for VSExpress. All development tools are also part of the package, and cross platform mobile targets (iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc) are supported.

Basically, it's the full VS version, and as long as you are working alone or in a smaller team (5 developers I think), there aren't any restrictions on how you develop and publish free or paid applications.

It's quite astonishing.

Following link has some Q&A regarding this release

They're also open sourcing the .net stack for the most part, and are actively working with the mono team. I really like the new direction they're taking.
Redmond is looking for staff cuts. Outsourcing your software development to geeks in the community that work for free is good for the bottom line. :p
That's cool. I wanted to download it to build an app for Windows Phone 8.1. (Since no one else does!) But fuey! It requires Windows 8.1 Pro to run the emulator because you need Hyper-Z :( It'll be $99 to upgrade my home version of Windows to Pro. Sorta defeats the purpose of the free VS.... Not sure if I want to write that app that badly or not.