full screen TV locks system


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oh god please help me..lol.
i pray this might be the place to ask for help with my problem here in this fourm...
i tried looking threw your forum and i think this is the place...
im not a tech guy so please forgive me if this is a long post..
heres the short version..
my system locks up when i put the TV into full screen
i can watch it all day long if its 320/240..OR!!!
or EVEN IF I STRECH IT TO FIT the **whole screen**
streching it only....
i can watch it all day AND CHANGE CHANNELS TOO...
***but as soon as i click it to go full screen...some times i can get it to full screen but as soon as i change a channel in full screen it locks up my system...yeah changing channels in full screen locks my system..
i have to shut it off by the off button..

heres my card..
all in wonder 128 pro 32 MB AGP card part number(1026560104 032838)
not sure if you need to know more info like chip numbers or what ever...
im using....
ATI driver version 4.13.7192
media center 7.1...MMC_7_2_noDVD
directX 9.0c
if you need to know more keep going..lol..

im not sure if i should put my system info down but i will just incase
Windows 98SE...
MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR mother board...
SET TO 4X in the bios thought you might want to know since its only a 2x 4x card and its a 4x 8x board..8x by default..
set the apature size 32MB
im not really sure about the other settings in my bios like what i should have them set to if that matters..
i have them DISSABLED..like FAST WRITE..and the other things..

AMD processor...AMD Athlon XP 2500+ (AXDA2500DKV4D)
384 MB 2100pc DDR memory
Sound Blaster Live sound card
dont know if this matters either because THE SOUND WORKS FINE...
but here goes if this matters...
i have the sound going DIRECTLY into the video card with a lil plug thing from a CD rom because i dont have the adapter plug that came with the card no more..i dont think that would matter..

let me know what else you might want to know about my system...
if you need to know something else read on i dont know what you want to know so im going to try and tell you what i have done and tried

IM NOT A TECH kinda person..
so please forgive me if this is a long post..
im not sure how to ask in tech terms..
i have 2 version i can tell the short one above
and the long one next here..lol..
so read on if you think i might accidently say something you might want to know..
here goes the long ...
ok well if i leave the TV setting like 320/240 i can change channels all day long it wont lock my system it works fine..
EVEN IF I STRETCH the TV to cover all of my screen it wont crash my stuff...
it only does it when its on click it to full screen view..and changing channels in full screen..
i tried a few different drivers but AMD..
ATI's new owner says that the 4.13.7192 driver is for my card according to my part number..
i tried a older driver 4.13.7078 thinking maybe a older one might work..
it did the same thing..
heres some thing i really dont want to tell you..loll.
but it might help you figure out whats wrong here...
because you'll say thats the ticket...
BUT MY PART number says i should be able to use the newer driver...
i used a driver that was like 6.?.7?29...something
some kinda 6 driver...BUT..
the picture quailty was ****ty...AND!!
and it didnt have the the recording sizes for AVI's that the newer driver had..it had like wacky sizes..like 480x240..640/178...720/240
only a 320/240 and smaller was the same as the newer driver
it didnt have the same sizes as the newer driver
and it didnt have other things in the advanced setting either..
like under OPEN GL tab the WAIT FOR VERTICAL was not there...the dissable dithering when alpha blending was missing...stuff like that..
i think it was a VFW driver type only thing...
i think it didnt have the DIRECT SHOW thing with the WDM thing...god i dont know the word for it...BUT...
it was totally differnt...
it wouldnet crash my stuff..in full screen..and i could change channels all day with it...
so i thought maybe i should reinstall my system thinking something was wrong and crupt with it..
to get the newer driver to work...
well i reinstalled windows..
put the newer driver in..
and it locked up still..
i uninstalled the newer driver..
and put the old 6 7927 or something like that number back into it..
i dont know the exact driver number it is bacuse it came on a old disk..
i have owned like 4 ATI all in wonder 128 pro cards..
the really old driver came on a disk that had these numbers on it..
by the way NO the disk didnt come with THIS card..
it says ATI softwear relase 104
number 180-G01070-104 it says rage on it
international installation CD & ATI DVD player
replicated in canada..
and when i installed it it worked..it didnt crash my stuff..
when i went to unistall it the driver wouldnet uninstall..
i had to get the Cat-uninstaller tool...
it wouldent get off my computer...
it was on my add and remove panel..i clicked uninstall..and it said restart..
when i did...it was still the same colors and size..
it didnt uninstall...
AND!!!..it wrote alot of extra files into my sys folder..like 8 copies of each
of the HLX files..and the CNT files...and they werent named HLX and CNT extensions..they had like ATIUUT.001..ATIUUT.002...ATIUUT.003
with numbered extensions...it was wacked...so i reinstalled my OS again..
and said screw that driver..its not crashing my TV but it slowed down my computer ALOT...and it was wrecking havock on my SYS folder..
and i couldent get the driver to unstall with out the CAT tool thing..
god i dont know what you need to know..
all i know is that the newer driver is the one that goes with my part number
and the old one that works...why it does i dont know...
does not have the same recording sizes and the picture quailty is bad..
and it scares me becasue it wont uninstall proper..
and it dosent have the direct view wdm thing..
i dont know what you would ike to know...
please help me im going crazy reading so much and trying to figure this out
im not a computer wizzard..i need help..lol...
sorry about typing so much...if anyone made it this far..i want to thank you soooooo much for even trying to help...
Well I am not God, but I would have to say that your system ( cpu, memory , video card ) is the problem. On lower resolutions your cpu doesn't have to work as hard to display the image/video. But, when you switch to full screen your cpu not only has to run the operating system, but the video as well.

I would suggest that you use the drivers that came with your video card after doing another install of Windows 98SE.

I sincerly hope that someone else who actually knows something about your videocard problem replies to this post, but the bottom line is you should think about upgrading to a more 'modern day' system.

Good luck :)
im using the video driver ATI...told me is for my part number..
thats why im asking in all these fourms..
because im using the driver thats for the part number on the card i have....
my system is more then enough for the card..
if anything its WAY OVER GOOD for it...
i have a (2.5 AMD) processor..
when the card i have...ATI ALL IN WONDER 128 PRO was produced (came out)...
penn lll processors were TOP OF THE LINE processors...
the CPU i have now is like OVER 3 times faster...*then the fastest processor in production* when my card was produced ..
and the memory i have is DDR...not SDRM...SDRAM was TOP OF THE LINE when my card came out..
MY mother boards more then eough too...
could my system be to fast?..l.could that be a problem?...my system being to fast for my video card?...could that be a issue?
Havent read your post... its really long dude...
Download and install the latest chipset and AGP drivers for your mobo.
Probably try your mobo manucturer first, and then the chipset maker.