Full Frame Jump


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So just made the jump to full frame with the Nikon D610. Loving it so far, but now have an issue of lenses...

Most of my lenses are Nikon DX, so crop sensor only. I do have a 50mm and a 28-90 that are full frame however.

That said, the 28-90 was my favorite lens on the crop sensor cameras, but now it's reach is far less because it isn't being cropped in. So I need a full frame equivalent, which is what? A 50-200mm-ish range?

Any recommendations? Preferably not in the 1k range, I'm happy with older decent glass than new glass that I'd pay a premium for.
You have a focus motor so I would suggest the 80-200 F2.8 in dual ring design.

That lens was fantastic on full frame film bodies so it will be quite nice on your D610.

You can probably find locally for around 500$ and it will blow the 28-90 straight out of the water.

You can try a Sigma or Tamron but make sure you try it on before you buy.
You could maybe get a week-end rental where renting in free if you buy.

Also, those metal lenses, it's ok if they are scuffed and nicked, as long as
the glass is clean. They were literally made for war zones...

Thanks for the recommendation! I see it on ebay and/or amazon used starting around $350, which ain't bad!