FreeTV all German?


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Just got an All-in-Wonder 128 and was searching for a software cable descrambler.

I found a boatload of software for the ATI TV
Tuner but its all in German from German sites.

Even with a software translator I have had a hard time making sense of the procedure.

Does anyone have a link to an English language site?
Anyway for the curious here the German link:


I have tried those freetv proggies, and there are some english versions, however they descramble only europe scrambled tv. The europe scrambling system works with lines that are sliced out and rearranged. The sound is also digitally chopped up. In N.A. we have missing sync signals. I don't know of any program to fix it. I did try to make my own and lined up the picture so it's straight, but the colors are still screwed. I talked with the programm of vdub about this, he thinks the rage chip can't read the bare tv signal so we can't recover the sync. Snappy digitizes the whole signal so it may work, maybe also the hauppage card. Btw the H. card is a lot clearer than AIW Pro, also comes with a remote, the sensor plugs directly into the card so no need to use up a serial port, like the HP+ remote, so you could use them both at once. Not as good quality recording tho with wintv; I can record 640x480 uncompressed with the AIW however the basic signal is blurry to begin with. Anyone got wavetop or intercast to work? Can never find compatible signal, though once on a medicine commercial I thought I got an intercast webpage show up, a yellow i flashed on the screen.