Freesync demo and other question.


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Hey guys, this site was suggested by AMD support:

Freesync works with my system (RX480 and Sammy FS monitor),
however, I tried this with my laptop (Intel Graphics 4600 and R 8790M),
and freesync works.

Does freesync work on all graphics cards that have recent drivers now?

Also, can you point to a freesync demo?
Yes the Nvidia pendulum demo is the best. Forget the standard animated part, just hit the test patterns button.

If you're on AMD hardware make sure the demo is running full screen and not in a borderless window. In a window it will look like freesync is working but it will really be Windows vsync. It should be obvious due to judder at low frame rates, but if you want to be sure you can toggle freesync off and verify you see tearing. Set the frame rate to a number that isn't a multiple of your monitor refresh rate and tearing should be fairly obvious.
Welp, all is gewd, the g-Sunc demo shows smooh-as-silk motion from 45 to 75 hz :D

Having said this, the demo starts with FXAA enabled by default so the AMD numbers are bad. Those bastiges :)