free turbo products from borland


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not sure whether to put this in general software or programming discussion (and I haven't seen anyone else post it), but since it isn't really general software per se, I've decided to post it here.

Turbo C++, Turbo Delphi and Delphi for .NET and Turbo C#. You can only have 1 of the 4 installed at the same time. I'm just testing out Turbo C++, and it seems pretty decent for the casual programmer.
bah, real programmers use a simple text editor :p
gedit ftw

yeah gedit also has an ability to highlight source code. hardly a fair advantage compared to us real programmers who use ed.
honestly who cares what kind of barbaric programs you use to write your code. The turbo series is pretty amazing, it brings Visual Basic/Delphi-like development to C++, and for free.
Thanks for the link. Will try C++ too. I am more into Java Development myself and use a C++ plugin for Eclipse, but Eclipse is a resource hog and I just need something fast and convenient. BTW, I am of the school of simple eds, but this is 2006.