Free 1070"s


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Well almost free, just asking for shipping. I recently turned 74 and found an RTX 2080 Ti in my price range so made it a birthday present to myself. At least one of the 1070's EVGA SC 1070) was working fine putting out 600k+ a day while the 2nd was stuck on 'ready' 'cleanup'...since I don't want to be bothered with testing them (running sli) to see which is which I just pulled and replaced them with the 2080...

Prefer to let them go to a folder so PM me if interested. :heart:

Already promised to acroig...good luck with them Alex!
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Tempting... so tempting. Mainly cause I have the PCIe slots for it.. lol.

I'd have to re-locate my water cooling pump though.

GL to whoever the card goes to.

Currently, my rig is down for cleaning/general upkeep. Hoping to be back up to 100% this coming weekend.
I don't fold so I'm out, just saw this pop up on new posts... Kudos to you :up: :heart:

I think I was first to ask for them but in the spirit of full disclosure I don't fold but they will go to a good home and they will be cared for as gaming cards for my children.
Awesome deal! That would have been so tempting to add to my folding farm, but unfortunately (besides the cards being taken already :p ) I don't have any free PCI-e slots currently.

Jima, you rock, as always! :heart: :fold: