Forum still being worked on


There are still many things that needs to be worked out.. such interface, icons, smilies.. thanks for being patient! :)
HEY ROKI.... just my personal opinion, but I kinda miss having the last poster in a thread shown in the forum page. Thanks for all the work you put into this!
Um, wait a minute... it's there now. Did you just add it back, or should this be a "never mind,I'm an idiot" post?
just added.. if people like them, they can have them.. :)

you will notice things are slowly being converted back to the original state.. so plz bear with us
BTW, there seems to be some sort of problem with Avatars.. don't seem to work right... I think
Ohhh, I see my mistake. I was clicking the edit button directly above my posts. its supposed to be the one below the post. Any way to lighten up the table cells? Its hard to tell who's buttons belong to who...
Agreed. There are lines above and below your posts and the toolbars so it's hard to tell what goes to which post. I like the "Last Poster" and was gonna ask for it but was beaten to it today. Both in question and in fix.

Thanks to all the Rage3D gang.'s like I'm watching this forum grow up right in front of my very eyes. *sniff*
What a garbled mess this board is !

So much trash everywhere you can't find the actual posts.

Could you try a different background for the message text ?

Or put text in larger fonts with a different color ?

Mine own barf is more readable !

I think its you, the forums i've visited have an orange link.

But please! Can you change the cell color? Admins? Even a dark grey would be cool, just so you can distinguish it from the background and see the separate posts...please?!
What shade for the second table would look good?

Just give me a number value ie




for those with over 600 posts.. you can have custom titles.. check your options somewhere.. don't go crazy now ;)

also moderators can have customs titles as well