Flux keyboard


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Introducing the Flux Keyboard

Until now, keyboards have not reached their full potential. Keyboards are tactile, but powerful shortcuts are hidden behind unchanging keys. Touchscreens are adaptable but are prone to misclicks and can’t be used by feel.

The Flux Keyboard combines the best of both worlds.

By incorporating the tactility and speed of a mechanical keyboard with the adaptability of a screen it breaks down the barriers between you and what you want to get done.
Flux Keyboard in Action

User Impressions

Typing Speed Test

Engineering Prototype Shown
Key Innovations

Adaptive Display


Any software | Any language | Any style

A Full HD IPS display automatically switches between profiles to reveal relevant keyboard shortcuts and fully customisable macros for any software or in any language. It also allows customisation of the keyboard with any background image, video, or an interactive style.

Any Software

Layouts are available for many popular applications, modify those layouts to suit what you do or make your own custom layout for any other software. See FAQ for full list of applications supported by default.


So, basically it's a pimped version of my Optimus Maximus keyboard, and let's be honest, it also will cost a fortune, for sure. Still an interesting concept.
Meh, I never use any shortcut keys etc. Also my learning with expensive keyboards is to stay away. Example my K68 is miles better than my K70. Logitech G15 wasn’t that hot either. All this LCD and rotary volume knobs are just gimmicks.
Super cool concept even if I wouldn't use shortcuts. The effects this could do for games versus the current tech could be killer if it catches on.