Flexable P&S 200-300 range.


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Looking for a flexible P&S. Compact, more zoom the better and capable of at least a 15sec exposure.

Any idea's?
Panasonic LX7.

Great camera(own one) but not including digital zoom, the LX7 is only from 24-90mm(3.8 zoom).

Nikon P7800 will do 24-200. It's a great camera, versatile, but a little pricey and on the larger size.

Other then that, I'm not sure what P&S shoot longer.

The Panasonic FZ200(bridge camera, highly regarded) will shoot 24-300 at constant f2.8, but at the size of nearly a small dslr.
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So I compromised. Got a Panasonic FZ70 for $299 while in Santa Fe. 20mm to 1200mm, is allot of fun :D