Firestrike Question.


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Hey guys, as I prepare to upgrade to RX 150 watts,
I am running Firestrike 1920P which is basic.

What I am seeing now is:
6800 graphics
7949 physics and
2534 combined.

Does this seems normal of is the combined low for some reason?
The combined part of the demo did stress GPU and CPU pretty good.

Sabertooth 2.0 990FX
8350 @ 4.2 with 320watt cooler
Gigabyte 7870OC further OCed (1200-1300mhz)
Crucial 1866 ECC memory CL=13 if I remember correctly.

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Here is my most recent result run at 1920....

Although the results show the Intel Graphics as part of the system, it's not enabled.

Oh OK!

So I should see quite an improvement when I change cards :D

COME ON!!! 1500MHZ heat pipe RX480!!!!!

EDIT: As a side question, am I being held back right now my a 2Gig card in 1080P?

Yes, I would recommend minimum 4Gb for 1080P.
All right!

So the upgrade is complete, did a freeze at logon but after a reboot, the driver picked up the 480 correctly.

So here it is:
Watt taken from UPS digital display, power takes from After Burner 4.3.0 which works great.

Parameter-------7870OC-----------RX480 Nitro+ 4GB
Demo-----------319w--------------358w (Incredibly fluid)
Graph Test1-----326w--------------371w (more than doubled FPS 33 vs 78)
Graph Test2-----286w--------------356w (doubled FPS, 31 vs 63)
Physics----------266w--------------263w (slightly better FPS 16 vs 22)

Graph score:-----6807--------------12746
Phys Score:------8103--------------8122
Combo Score:----2540--------------2907

8350 CPU @ 4.2Ghz and 1866 Memory

Hope this helps!

OC 1 is 1344MHz GPU and 1825MHz mem.

OC 2 is 1405MHz GPU and 1904MHz Mem

Graph Test1------411w-----438w
Graph Test2------388w-----402w

Graph Score-----12868-----13488
Phys Score-------8144------8189
Total Score-------2823------2908

EDIT 2: dont know why but all spaced to format text is ignored...
So hit reply and see the text in orderly fashion...
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:lol: I play 1080P V-sync and the GPU never got past 50% use and temp 40C...

Locked in 60fps while playing!

EDIT2: Final thoughts after OC and some gaming:

After Burner works really well. Especially custom fan curves.
Though it does get hottish, fan noise is lower pitch than Tri-Cool fans and much less noticeable.
With custom fan curve, noise is inaudible.

Did a slight OC which will be standard (1355/1856 +30%) and card is totally silent while plaing MWO, very high settings Vsynch 60PFS.

SUPER satisfied with this purchase.

This will hold me off for a while, next spring, I imagine ZEN/Vega new system...

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Just a quick note on my numbers.
I though they were slightly low, but I realised yesterday that
my monitor is not 1080P but rather 1920x1200...

So this accounts for the slightly low numbers compared to other 480's...