Finally Got PS2


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i was plesently suprised to see that u dont need a memory card to play DVD's..... very very happy that made me :-)

the system itself rocks.... i rented (i love getting free rentals from my job at blockbuster) Tekken Tag and NBA Live 2k1..... beautiful!!!!

great system!
Why is he an idiot? I wouldn't say no to a PlayStation2 ! Man, I might still actually buy one JUST to get the new Gran Turismo when it comes out :-)
Personally I'd rather cut off my balls and feed them to Bill Gates before I buy a future console, but shrug, if he wants to play console games, that's his choice.

BTW, I know someone who's a DVD fanatic, and apparently the dvd quality of the PS2 is severely lacking in comparison to real drives, just so you know.

NES ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


PS2 DVD doesn't suck
it's ok, not great but WAY better than VHS or VCD
still... laserdisc rocks, looks much more organic...

PS2 a a game-console well, it sucks
my firends younger brother is a spoiled little brat, he gets EVERY game that's released (for the Dreamcast as well, and of course PS(1) and so forth)
I've been to his house, we took a weekend off just to do some serious gaming
the result: nearly every game on the PS2 sucked ass
many games on the Dreamcast sucked but there are some REAL gems for that one
we ended up playing the SNES instead =)

to see how the PS2 sucks, compare Dead or Alive...
it's GREAT!!! on the dreamcast, on PS2 it's just an avarage crappy Beat em up with worse graphics than the Dreamcast version (and that's the upgraded PS2 version, the first version got so many complaints in japan that they had to do a "deluxe"-version wich later on became the official releas in the states and Europe)

all in all... PS2= a lot of money for a system that CAN be great, but it isn't right now
Dreamcast= cheap system with GREAT games

go get it!
and make sure that you go buy Grandia 2 if you're in to RPGs!