finally back to the top 100

That I am. But the heat in the basement was nearly unbearable yesterday. New rule is no folding during the day until the day's high is lower than 65F.
Sorry for the ragged ppd as of late but it was worth it. Finally have F@H up and running on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS & Rocm.
There is a cool program called CoreCtrl works well it has a compute profile thats working fine with the 7900XTX.
Can't wait to see how many wu's this rig can knock out best I had on Win 11 was 28 in a day.

AAAnd the moment you realize that despite filling in the user name team and passkey you forgot to uncheck that tiny little box in the 8.18 beta so you were still folding anon for the last 7+ hours.:cry:
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Grats on cracking 20k wu's turned in luxor ! :up: Iron321 isn't far behind.
All 3 of us finally passed Oscar1613 to get into the top 50 total Wu's for the team.
U fortunately the weather has been warm so I shut fown my folding activities. Congrats to
DarkFoss to catching back up to me and screaming by during my pause. :)