EVGA will no longer make video cards

The main issue seems to be at GPUs end of cycle. EVGA can only lower the price of their cards so much under contract with nV but the nV FE cards can go as low as they want. Currently a 3090 FE is $300 less than an EVGA one on Best Buy. EVGA is losing tons of cash on every high end 3000 series card right now.
I don't know, seems like EVGA did over order and stuck losing money from price drops and the competition from the used market. Revenue dropped 44% sequentially from Nvidia's latest quarter and some of that pain was felt by the AIB's, and probably continue for another quarter or two.
Wish they would partner with AMD. I think the owner is just burned out of the graphic card biz though. Thanks Nvidia...
Remember how 3dfx wanted to get rid of the AIB's based on their complaining and desired to create their own 3dfx retail brand. So, 3dfx did and the company didn't last too long and empowered Nvidia to have more AIB customers.

Was always nervous with the Founder's Edition cards from Nvidia as they may slowly and incrementally be competition with their AIB partners.
It sounds like the NV ceo would prefer the Apple approach when tech Jesus contacted Nvidia. Control hardware and distribution, basically everything. But they don't have the resourses.
Can EVGA continue to be profitable long term without selling graphics cards?

Are peripherals, power supplies, and a few motherboards going to pay the bills?

Seems questionable.
Good question! It was their video cards that created the strong branding, one may imagine and how long will the branding help their other products without video cards?
They probably earn more from their psu sales since the margins are higher and they're not as "NA-only" with those.
Agree but it was their Gpu's and the brand awareness it creates that helped sell their other products, imho. Without Gpu's, the company may become irrelevant.
Well - Being an owner of the EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra rev 0.1 (The infamous one with New Worlds issues) - I've removed the 500w BIOS and gone back to stock with default power limit. I think this seals the deal for me switching to AMD for my next card.