EVGA Associate Program


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The EVGA Associates Program was designed to bring exclusive discounts for EVGA.com and also an incentive for loyal EVGA members to gain EVGA bucks and help build their own following. This program was a success and has helped create new communities and outstanding community members. EVGA has decided to sunset the EVGA Bucks program, and thus the EVGA Associate program as well. Any new purchases made with your Associates Code will no longer result in a reward of EVGA Bucks, but there are new ways to redeem your EVGA Bucks and even convert them to cash.

Any pending rewards for purchases made with your Associates code prior to June 13th, 2022 will be approved and added to your balance within 7-10 business days.
Your Associates code will still provide discounts for purchases at EVGA.com.
To learn more about the changes to our EVGA bucks program please click here: https://www.evga.com/articles/01568/evga-bucks-for-cash/

EVGA would like to thank you for your support and being an EVGA Associates member!


Wow, that stinks. One less reason to by EVGA.

I'm glad I took advantage of this recently from you acroig. Looks like it will be the last time.
In some places I could not even get a gallon of gas! :(

tell ya what, we have automated gas stations that limit your money spending to max 100€ per fillup which nowadays mean you can't even fill your damn tank ONCE. It's ridiculous in a very sad way.