Embedded videos


Planet Express
I'm having issues with the embadded videos, they just show as a white box.

I've tried different browsers, Windows 10, Windows 11, etc, and it's the same result.

Any ideas?
The the URL address bar, click on this:


Click on "Site Settings" and then on the next page you're looking for "Insecure Content" as seen below:


Set that to Allow. Reload the site.

It's not great, and there is an effort to make changes to the site, at long last, which should help avoid creating a problematic security exception to using the site.
Is there a fix for iOS?

Download Chrome or Firefox and do the same thing :D. I have to imagine you can adjust site settings in Safari on iOS. But given that I don't have an iOS device, I don't know how that is done :(
Anyone know how to fix this on the android version of chrome?

Iirc I used duck duck go on my Samsung and hand typed the http:// - then bookmarked it. I don’t know how to allow unsecured content though.