Electric motorcycle, yay or nay?


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Anyone here happen to own one or can give feedback?

I'm primarily interested in the Zero dual purpose models. I'd like to use it mainly for trail riding and the occasional run to town for errands.

The quiet trail riding really appeals to me. Plus the gf can easily ride it as there is no clutch/shifting.


i'd say it depends on what's important for you, the sound or the quality of a ride. I'm also not really sure how reliable the electric ones are right now.

Personally i'd get a hybrid, if possible. IF i had the urge to go electric which i haven't right now. That being said, there are some cool looking (e) rides for sure.
E-bikes are getting scrutinized to being registered and have to be insured... Careful what you buy if you want to avoid that. I might grab me one with moderate power in the 35 mph max range but long battery life instead. Also one that looks like a mountain bike and not a motorbike...
I don't own one (I do have a 675cc Sportbike and in the market for another), nor do I know a whole lot about them if I'm honest...but I do like the idea of them. At least for an around-town commuter right now. Even gas bikes don't have much of a range, so I can't see an electric bike being viable right now besides a city commuter.

Your idea for trail riding would also be a great use. Pack it up on a trailer, hit the trail, haul it back home. I do wonder how the range will be on the trails, since I assume it will go down considerably with more gas use and load going uphills and such.
i always had regular bikes, starting with a Yamaha XT Ténéré and ending with a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6 R.

For a light city use i could imagine that an e-bike would do just fine, offroad though i'm not sure how well it would perform, and even more important, how long the battery would last. If the battery craps out while you're in the middle of nowhere, well...then you're f***ed