Easy-to-use backup program?


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So... if you have a family member who is in need of a data protection, PC backup solution, what do you suggest? It seems like the most popular option is Crashplan. Anyone here have any experience in recommending this for a non-PC savvy user?
I assume you're targeting a cloud / offsite solution?
Ideally. I was brought a laptop yesterday that got a Windows update recently and is now giving "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" every time you try to start it up. I can't find a BIOS option to disable any encryption (assuming that's what got flipped on) and the only BIOS option similar to it is disabled. Can't do a System Restore or anything that might enable access to the data. So I took the HDD out, put it in my PC, backed up all their files. Now I'm thinking factory reset or whatever Dell option enables that.

It's just that if there's a problem again I want them to know their files are safe somewhere.
I'm leaning towards Carbonite based on the suggestions here and since it has a local backup option that's free that I can try out this weekend. Plus it seems easy-to-use based on what I've seen online. As long as I can find something that's maintenance free for them, I'll be happy.


Carbonite is advertised on the radio a lot. I assume if they are marketing it that way, their backup software should be catered to the lowest common denominator of computer illiterate shmuck.

Or... it's junk because they spend their cash on marketing rather than good programmers.

CrashPlan is simple and straightforward; I'd go that route.