DVI problematic when extended


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Just wondering if any member has come across this issue.

I have 3 monitors as noted in my system spec button.
The DVI monitor used to be my goto "extended" monitor. There has been issues where the system sleeps and needs a warm restart to get going again. n.b. sleep and hibernation are off in win and bios.
A few months ago my finance program "Moneydance" would start jittering if I moved it to the DVI screen. I thought it was an app error so tried some different versions with no fix.
And then lately the computer starting have cold start issues (wouldn't finish to desktop).

Maybe the cold start issue is a windows update problem? Maybe the Moneydance problem is still their issue, maybe the sleep is an AMD issue? UG!

A couple days ago :sherlock: I figured why not use the HDMI monitor as the extended and disable the DVI.. and lo and behold my issues are gone. No more unwanted sleep, moneydance works fine and so far, all cold starts have succeeded.
I've reported this using the AMD reporting tool.
Just the DB25. It works fine for eyefinity and/or the casual 3rd screen so I'm not really concerned, just curious.