DVI/HDMI to Composite video adapter wanted


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Received an ATI HD 4650 card in settlelemt of the ATI HDCP class action settlement, and want to replace the HD2400 card which has composite video (yellow RCA) out put that goes to a modulator > RG-6 TV network. The new card has VGA (15 pin D15), HDMI, and DVI connectors. I am looking for an adapter from any of the new card's connectors to the composite of the modulator. S-video would also be acceptable since I could get a modulator with that input.
Thanks for the reply. Per the HD4650 manual, the VGA connector does not have video out. If it did, and I could find a pinout, I could easily make a cable from the D15 to RCA. They have another adapter for $40, that includes some positioning controls. I couldn't find much info or reviews on that adapter, and am somewhat reluctant to buy a pig in the poke. :)
I haven't installed the board, but, I would assume a monitor plugged into the VGA would result in a good picture. I quoted from the ATI manual for the board, it said for the VGA, no video out, which I interpreted to mean no composite video (yellow RCA) out on any pin. Go to this link:
The page pointed to description of the cable, said that some VGA connectors do not have video out, and if that was the case use their part number 90-4724. This part apparently has some electronics to actually generate a composite signal, and does have controls to adjust the size/position of the picture. That is the part, that I couldn't find any info or reviews to give me confidence to order.