DVD playback under Win 98/ME



So far I've had nothing but trouble trying to play DVDs with my 32 meg Radeon. It works fine when I'm using Win 2000 pro but as soon as I boot to 98 (or ME, which I hoped would solve my problem) I'm unable to play DVDs. It gets as far as the FBI warning but then stops playing.
My system is:
P3 450
Dell motherboard
224 meg Ram
32 meg DDR Radeon
I have the same problem. After the FBI warning, the DVD stops playing. I was using a Pioneer SCSI DVD drive. When I switched to an IDE Pioneer DVD drive, the DVD ran fine. However, the SCSI drive is a much nicer and quieter DVD drive. So it looks as though I am out of luck. But I think the problem must be with SCSI DVD drives.

Hope that helps.
No problems here using Win98 and Win98SE. If it works in Win2000 and not in Win98, it's not the drive, it's drivers or software related. Ex: If your systems locks up all the time in Win2000 and not Win98, it doesn't mean you have a bad CPU.....

AMD Thunderbird 1Ghz, ASUS A7V, GlobalWin FOP38-1, Kingston VC133/128 * 2, WD Ultra2 10kRpm 18.2G, Radeon 64DDR, 3DCool Tornado 1000 w/300w ps, SB Live, Pioneer DVD-303S, Tekram DC390U2W
My DVD, (Toshiba 1212), worked great in both W2K & Win98SE.

Then I switched to the newer W2K drivers. Now, it doesn't work at all in W2K, (it has the same problem of not getting past the FBI warning).

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Hmm... I also have been unable to get dvd's to play under win98. I'm running an athlon 850 on an asus a7v. the dvd drive is a pioneer 303s (slot), attached to an asus sc875 scsi controller. I havent' got very useful answers from tech support (mostly trying and things, and eventually getting the ominous "reinstall0windows"). Strangely enough, i downloaded windvd and that played fine! I chalk it up to mmc not being the best software around... at this point, I've given up trying to make it work.
I have the same problem getting ATI version 7 DVD player to work on my Pioneer DVD SCSI 303S drive with no luck. I tried WinDVD2.2 and it works just fine.
Re: SCSI Pioneer S303 and DVD playback. I just installed the new Adaptec SCSI drivers and updated the Adaptec card bios, and now the DVD playback works fine.

Problem solved: Update SCSI drivers/bios.