DVD and some 3D Problems


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I just received my Radeon 64MB DDR OEM w/ VIVO. I was all happy and stuff, but I have problems with DVD and games. 2D works fine. Windows desktop loads up fine.

However, when I try to play back a DVD with the bundled player, it'll play for about 1 sec, corrupt, then freeze my system. Previously, I had a Rage 128 Pro, and DVDs ran perfectly.

Some games work fine. Sometimes though, there is static in audio playback (usually in opening video sequences). "Gabriel Knight 3" and "The Longest Journey" refuse to run. For some reason NFS Highstakes runs a little slow, but Kingpin and UT run fine.

And yes, I've tried all the updates for my board, tried newer drivers, tried VIAs 4 in 1 driveres, tried playing other dvds, looked for system conflicts, and tried formatting and reinstall Windows.

My Specs:
Win98 SE
AMD K6-2 560mhz
FIC PA-2013 MB rev2.0
64 MGS PC-100, 64 MGS PC-133
I/O Magic MagicDVD 16x
It may be worth a shot - try using a the previous version, or earlier version of ATI's DVD player. Maybe it will play further into the DVDs. If you could get a CD copy for the ATI 16 mb Rage 128 All-in-Wonder, you could try that DVD player, assuming it's a different version than the one you are using now.

Have you tryed playing around with the DVD Genie setings to see if changing some of them will work? There are multiplie things you can play with and maybe changeing one will fix your trouble.

Try a differt software player like windvd. There is a demo of it you can download. If it freezes too try the below suggestion.

you may be having a conflict with your rage theatre chip. Try moving some cards around in you system. That may help. No need yo ureinstall them or anything. When you move them everything should be detected and install itself fine again..
DVD Genie is a seperate utlity that adds a lot more options to just about every DVD player. Very usefull for the ATI players as ATi uses the CineMaster decoder for there base and adds a interface and some little changes but basicly its a Cinemaster player.

You can find DVD Genie at most places you can download a DVD player but heres one if you don't have time to do a quick search on Dogpile.com

There are many places that have it just look around a bit.


i tried dvd genie...no help. i installed powerdvd, and strangely enough, dvds caused powerdvd to crash but worked with the ati player.

i tried installing the 3054 drivers, but the only resolution that would boot into windows was 640x480x16colors. anything higher would give me a gpf upon bootup.
PowerDVD does not work with the Radeon. It will crash no mater what. ITs a powerdvd problem.
Try windvd....

Also I would definely try moving some of your perefrieals around. There is definally another issue here...
Make sure that you also have the latest bios up date.

The fact that you are running an older board with a K6-II does not bode well. The newer card like the radeon just may not like that MB...

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ah, well...i'm giving up. i'm returning my radeon. it's probably a compatibility issue. the main reason for getting this card was for its dvd playback. i guess i'll have to look into a geforce or voodoo5. now, now...i'm not saying this card sucks. i don't doubt its a great card, but it refuses to budge (in a manner of speaking, of course). :) can anyone attest to the quality if dvd playback of the voodoo5 or the geforce gts?
If all you want is good DVD playback, maybe you should just get a PCI DVD decoder board..
Does each stick'o RAM you have, have a different bus speed?
um, you can't run both bus speeds on each stick lol

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umm, no...my bus speed is 112mhzx5.0 (560mhz), and it runs just fine with the voodoo rush and pro turbo cards that i had....
First off,..your system:
"AMD K6-2 560mhz
FIC PA-2013 MB rev2.0
64 MGS PC-100, 64 MGS PC-133

I see THREE possible ploblem areas immediately..
<LI> AMD K6-2 560mhz: As the K6-2 was (and still does) remain a capable processor it is NOT known all that well of an overclocking solution. I would try downclocking the chip to 100mhz FSB.
<LI> FIC PA-2013 MB rev2.0: The FIC 2013 Rev2.0 is an AGP 1.0 Compliant motherboard where as the Radeon requires "2X/4X bus (AGP 2.0 Compliant. The Via chipset (especially SS7 boards) tend to be finicky about peticular AGP boards, remember Matrox G200, Intel 740 or some TNT agp boards had serious issues. This is NOT to say ALL Via SS7 boards are bad..HELL the MOST reliable system I have built (until my currnet Duron) continues to be a K6-III 450 and Tyan 1598 S5 (2mb).
<LI> 64 MGS PC-100, 64 MGS PC-133: Mixing different memory modules of differing ratings EVEN if from same maufacturer can cause problems and run at the lower specification. Also RAM configuration can also play havock on a system. I have noticed in several systems that placing a DIMM in the 4/5 DIMM slot has yeilded better stability vs the 0/1 DIMM slot.

Also this may help you (if not to late)..
from Orgeboy's post:
VIA 4-1 drivers (latest) (AGP in standard mode)
Radeon drivers 3054
HighPoint Drivers
Radeon Demo
Played some Games, then:
uninstalled Radeon drivers
Installed Radeon 3056 drivers
Reinstalled VIA AGP driver (in turbo mode!)
Enabled AGP 4x + Fast Write
Overclocked using Powerstrip to 183/183 (cause i have an OEM board)"

the rest of the post can be found here : http://www.rage3d.com/forum/ubbhtml/Forum13/HTML/000329.html

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damn and CURSES, yes that must be it...my mb is only agp 1.0 compliant. that really puts a damper on the number of choices i have...does anyone know if the voodoo5 is agp 1.0?